The Spa Tudanca circuit features 8 zones and a private spa.

We have built a space next to the vineyards, dedicated to offering you the most innovative health, wellness, and relaxation programs of the moment.

In addition to rituals and treatments most suitable for the care and beauty of your face and body.

Directions for access:

Advance reservation is essential.

Reservation hours: from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Children's hours are early in the morning at 10 am and early in the afternoon at 4 pm.

The price of the 60-minute spa circuit is €20 per person. Guests staying at the hotel receive a 20% discount on the spa circuit.

Our circuit consists of:

Initiation showers:
Scottish shower and three-station shower, both with aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Pool with 11 hydro massage stations:
Among them, we have 4 air loungers with their buttons at the ends, a circulating volcano, which can be taken standing on the metal plate on the floor for the legs, or seated, to mobilize the whole body. On the front of the bottom, we have 4 lumbar jets, of which the two on the right have bubble chairs. On the wall, waterfall and swan neck, for neck and dorsal.

Steam sauna, hamman:
It is around 50ºC and a relative humidity of 90%. It serves to clean the skin through pore dilation, hydrate, and dilate the respiratory tract.

Cold plunge pool:
It is at 20ºC, a temperature sufficient to restore the cardiovascular system.

Halotherapy room:
It is a room with Himalayan pink salt that reproduces the climate inside salt mines through a device called a Halogenerator that generates micro-particles of salt, it is bactericidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. It is an excellent natural therapy for respiratory and dermatological problems.

Finnish sauna:
Located outside and overlooking our vineyards, the sauna is a dry heat bath (does not exceed 20% humidity) of 80ºC. It serves to relax the muscles, induce sweating, and eliminate toxins from the skin.

Scottish shower or cold plunge pool:
The sauna affects the cardiovascular system, so when we leave, we must restore the temperature again. We will do this again in the cold plunge pool or in the Scottish shower.

Relaxation area with heated beds:
Finally, there will be a rest time in the relaxation area with heated beds where we recommend having an herbal tea or water.

Within the spa facilities, we have a private spa that includes:

Large bathtub equipped with underwater jets with bubbles that massage different parts of the body creating a very relaxing massage effect, its benefits include purifying the skin and body, regulating blood pressure, relieving headaches.

Steam sauna - hamman:
It is around 50ºC and a relative humidity of 90%. It serves to clean the skin through pore dilation, hydrate, and dilate the respiratory tract.

Shower: after the hamman to restore the cardiovascular system, we will contrast in the shower with chromotherapy.

Relaxation bed:
Finally, there will be a rest time on a double heated bed where we recommend drinking liquids or herbal tea.



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